SettingsIconoclasm has been on the Cydia Store for around a few months now and I think it is a great way to mod your iPhone/iPod Touch. Basically what it lets you do is change how many icons you can have on one springboard page, a little like FCSB, FiveIRows and other springboard hacks. Iconoclasm however, is a little different to the others in which it lets you break away from the normal columns and rows on a springboard page and have icons in a place in which you like.

When I first bought Iconoclasm from reading the description in Cydia, I thought it would automatically let you place the icons wherever you please just by using the normal ‘wiggle mode’ but this isn’t the case. The layouts need to be made using a plist file which tells Iconoclasm where to let the icons be placed on the springboard. There are many layouts available for download in Cydia, many of which are made by myself. If you are a little bit more advanced you can of course make the layouts yourself. Another great advantage of Iconoclasm is with the setup of themes like the iNav theme, instead of having to use masses of blank icons you can just drag the normal icons straight into place. There are also a few of these types of layouts in Cydia.

Now, how to use Iconoclasm. You will find a setting pane for Iconoclasm in the stock Settings application on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Once in this settings pane you will find a variety of options. The first is if you want Iconoclasm to be enabled or not. The next option if under a ‘Uniform Layout’ header. This lets you choose a layout to use and this option will change every springboard layout to the layout of choice. But underneath is a pretty cool option to use, Per-Page Layouts. If you turn this on it lets you use a different layout for each springboard page. This is cool if you, for example, want to spell you name with icons. I have created all of the letters of the alphabet so this is a option. Once you have picked your selection, scroll to the very bottom of the page and tap the ‘Apply Changes & Respring’ button. This will do what it says, apply the layout changes and respring your iPhone. Once finished your springboard will be using the layouts set.

Overall I think this app is well worth the $3.00 (around £1.80 if you live in the UK like me). There are a few screenshots below of some of the layouts currently available.

On a side note if anybody has any requests for layouts, I am happy to make them for you. I have added a section to the forums HERE for requests or just leave a comment below.


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