Categories Update – New UI & Ability to Hide Apps from within Categories

Categories Categories, an application that allows you to organize the applications on your SpringBoard into folders, was recently updated to version 2.99… with a few small updates since then. If you have not had a chance to check it out, you will find it to have a slightly new look. The new user interface and the ability to hide icons from within the Categories application itself are a few of the new features of the update (see change log below for complete list of changes). //

The new UI basically adds an intro page from where you can then navigate to your folders, hidden icons, help section, troubleshooting… etc. The new intro page is nice and does make the app look and feel a lot cleaner. It also seems like the update improved the performance of Categories… it feels a little snappier.

However, I am having one problem with the update, the “i” button in the folders on my SpringBoard no longer work. When I select it, nothing happens. Normally when you select the “i” button you are able to turn on/off the Folder Title, Icon Labels, Background.png, Left/Right Scroll, Resident as well as change the number of rows, font color and choose a theme. I am no longer able to do this after the update. I’m not sure if that is just me or if it is a bug for everyone.

Categories is available via the BigBoss source.

Version 2.99 Change Log:
– v2.99 NEW: Revamped GUI to fit new features such as integrated “Hidden Icons” better.
– NEW: Added more extensive help.
– NEW: Added ability to hide icons (Poof) from within categories.
– NEW: Added more rigorous methods to detect when older category folders were not properly converted (pre v2.27) and convert them.
– NEW: Added logic to remove folders that previously showed up as NULL and couldnt be removed.


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