iBlueNova – Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

##ICON_NAME## iBlueNova, an application that allows the transfer of files via Bluetooth, was released yesterday. Before you purchase the app, you are able to test it with a 15 day trial. To download the trial, select the Purchase button in the upper right corner (where the Install button normally is). This will not actually purchase the app but, will install the free 15 day trial.

Once installed, the app is decently easy to use. It allows you to transfer Pictures, Music, Videos or Other Files. You can view all the available Bluetooth connections in the Device Discovery option. Here you are also able to view the strength of the device’s WiFi, the device’s name, Address and Class as well as Favorite specific devices. You can also view your transfer activity allowing you to see the progress of transfers or stop a transfer.

The Setting contain quite a few options including the ability to set an authorization security pin which requires a pin to authorize a connection. You also have the ability to choose how you would like images sent. They are sent as .png’s by default however, you can change it so that they are sent as .jpeg. You can also choose to have incoming images saved to your Camera Roll. You are also able to view and change the save paths for Pictures, Music, Videos and Other files which is helpful.

Overall, the app is pretty easy to use. Just find the image or file you would like to transfer, select it and select the device you would like it sent to. I did have quite a few crashes and a few times in which the file transfer failed. So, the app does need a little work but, it’s a good start.

Note: If you would like to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, both iPhones will need to have iBlueNova installed and running.


For a nice tutorial on how to use iBlueNova check out iClarified’s tutorial.

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