The Beginnig Of Something New

Could this be the beginning of something special. Back in the cold days of winter standing in line a conversation started about a tattoo, that I had found intriguing. Well not just the tattoo, but who the tattoo was on. We talked as we waited in line for our turn at the counter to better our lives at Quad C.
We had dinner the next day, to get to know each other and the respectable baggage that came with our lives.

Then the coldness of winter and the fear of being hurt, set and that person adrift in the sea. Tales of this happen all the time. I cast my net many times hoping that she would become ensnared again in hopes of turn something special in my something special. But I failed as luck would have it she wiggled her way through the holes of the net.

But recently I cast my net again, but this time not only did she become tangled in mine, I became tangled in hers. Not an hour has past that I have not thought about her, with giddy thoughts and fears. How ever I am not scarred of the burden she carries, I fear that I am the eager kid who is fishing for the first time splashing through the water scarring the fish away.

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