Levels of Love

(Stole this entry from a friend and she is right)
here’s the thing … i think there are 5 phases in a relationship:

1. infatuation- this is the initial attraction.. not necessarily physical, although that’s often the case.. basically the person must have had something to catch your attention in the first place and you find yourself thinking about the particular quality that he/she has for quite a while after meeting him/her

2. like- this is the process of getting to know the person and what exactly you like about them – it’s the part where you look forward to their calls and actually pout if you don’t talk to them for a day- it’s the holding hands and cuddling part

3. fall for- this is the point when you begin to get into details – when you start to discover EXACTLY what makes the two of you click – when you find yourself listening carefully to their laugh so that you can pick them out in a crowd of jovial individuals – it’s when both people have a mutual understanding that they truly like one another

4. love- this is when you start discovering their faults and still want to be with them no matter how annoying those faults may be – the way they tap their fingers on a desktop when u’re trying to concentrate or the way they try to pretend that they’re good at multitasking when they’re clearly not – it’s also when you’re comfortable enough to share all your faults with them

5. fall IN love with – this is when you not only know your love’s faults but you come to realize that it’s those faults that make them who they are — those faults are also what you love about them – you realize that life wouldn’t be the same without that person – you can’t get enough of the person and they all of a sudden become the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes on – you could live with spending time with them 24/7 – and they realize that a small bit of you is with them all of the time.

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