Letter to Someone

So you call me a selfish bastard who only thinks of my self and doesn’t care for the wellfare of those around. I really beg to differ. I have told you time and time again you know nothing about me but would in time. I found it quite amuzing that you would accusse me of being selfish. What have I done to warrant that title? Well lets see, I enlisted in the Army when I didn’t have to. I gladly fight for you and who you say are “so good” for you. I gladly have given up these years of my life so that YOU can live and voice those opinions that you hold so dear. I would think you would understand the personal sacrifice that takes. Did you even know that a life goal I have is to open a youth community center? No, I didn’t think so. I think it’s funny that you critize my views and tell me that I’m wrong and should change them, when you sitting there teaching your son that he is his own person and no matter what anybody tells him he should not change what he believes or who he is. With that statement I really think you know nothing. You take pride in the fact that you have a BA in Psychology. I don’t discredit that, what I do discredit is your grasp of human nature. I mean you can’t even look at yourself and see that you are full of shit. I also can’t believe that after completing your so called “education” that you don’t realize the mistakes of your chosen beliefs. I can’t believe that I had thought those thoughts about you. I can’t beleive I let myself get upset about things you say. I’m no longer upset and no longer care, I just hope that you realize that you’re full of shit.

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