When I Remember

I presented this phrase,

“When I remember her, I don’t think about her clothes or her work, where she was from or even what she said. I think about her smell, her taste, her skin touching mine.”

to several people online the other day, to ask what the felt when they read it. I received a range of answers, but the most prominent was, “Typical Guy.”

Typical Guy, how can that be a typical guy when, from all the girls I have talked to in the past, the one thing they remember the most about a guy is the way he touched their skin. I thought it was funny.

This phrase or statement is not about the physical aspect; it’s about how in the aftermath of the relationship, the only good he could reflect upon was these physical statements. How in the beginning, he thought that she was great, this well rounded person. But then he found her true self. Who he thought she was turned out to be completely different and not what he wanted.

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