Old White Man

I’m tired of being called an insensitive bastard for my views. I had a conversation the other day with a close friend of mine, talking about our governments reaction to Hurricane Katrina.
She stated that the federal government did not do enough to help “The Poor” people out and that “The Rich” hightailed it out of New Orleans, with out bothering to help “The Poor” people.
I asked her what could have been done, we gave them at least a four days warning and mandatory evacuation notice. Now as for those with out transportation, I’m sure if we had told them that they had twenty four hours to go two hours north to claim a ten million dollar check, they’d find a way to be there in one hour. But besides that a lot of the blame should be place upon the local and state government, for not utilizing it’s resources (i.e. school buses and public buses and even charter buses)

Further on in the conversation, she declared Barbara Bush as being an insensitive bitch, for her comments on the relief given to displaced hurricane victims. She had stated that a bed, water, food, a place for personal hygiene and shelter was what they where given and thats all they need. My friend said, with a hysterical voice, that they should be entitled to more. I asked my friend what more could they be given. She rambled on about how the lost their freedoms and everything they’ve had. I told her there was nothing more that could be given. In a time of of utter chaos, like this, only the bare minimum of survival can be given. My friend was startled and told me that I was acting like an insensitive rich white old man.

I do feel for those who lost their freedom and their livelihood. It’s a bad break and we all get them, some just more than others.

Read a few comments by readers from the BBC News website:

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