On The Other-side

I have been flying for the past 22 hours and still have an hour and a half togo. I sit here watching the sunrise on a foreign land. My nerves a running wild shaking my thoughts uncontrollably yet I think of you and your well being. I’ve never felt this way, never have I stared death in the face so blatantly, never have I been so scared to not see someone that all I can do is think about that someone.

You know I’ve been asked many times why do I do what I do and I always answer back with, “because you won’t. Someone has to do the job and obviously you’re not going to stand up and do the job.” That is my only explanation for why I do this why I will fight. I will fight for my neighbor, the stranger siting at the table next to you, your daughter, son, wife, or husband because you are to scared to. I fight for the future of my family, for their safety and their inherent right to be free to choose who they are, what they will become, and who they will love. I do it because it is what should be done by those who enjoy the benefits rewarded by those who have passed before us.

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