I find disconcertment with the fact that so many people out there are so disconnected with the reality of things and think they are grounded people. It scares me every time I speak to someone new and hear the words they are saying. They seem so ignorant, and it shames me that I know them.

Levels of Love

(Stole this entry from a friend and she is right) here’s the thing … i think there are 5 phases in a relationship: 1. infatuation- this is the initial attraction.. not necessarily physical, although that’s often the case.. basically the person must have had something to catch your attention in the first place and you … [Read more…]


Can you miss something you never had? This is a question I’ve been having lately. I’ve keep thinking about the ifs and whats and how. The thing is I do miss something I’ve never had but have no clue as to why I’m feeling this way. I can only speculate now, and wait till I’m … [Read more…]


Snapshot : an informal photograph taken quickly, typically with a small hand-held camera; a brief look or summary I realized that we take photographs capturing a moment that we want to remember. I’ve always had a passion for photography. It has also amazed me that with a click of a button you can tell a … [Read more…]