Mr. Bubbles

Ok so its 4 A.M. on a Saturday morning and I can’t sleep and the only thing for me to do is clean or play with a bottle of Mr.Bubbles ?. Now if you know me I’m going to skip cleaning and play with the bubbles, cause bubbles are just damn cool. Ok so back … [Read more…]

The First Kiss

So as some of you may now I have a a one year old daughter. Last night I was a little down and here comes Hailey climbing up my chair to site in my lap. She sits and my lap and plants a kiss right on my cheek. Made my day.

Lost Keys

You know when you misplace something, like say your car keys or wallet, you tend to look everywhere you would normaly find them. But then you get the hairbrained idea to look for the lost item in a place you would never think to look and to your suprise what was lost is now found. … [Read more…]

First Time

You might not get it or even like it the first time you experience it. But, if you take a moment and give it another try, it might reach you in a way you never thought possible.