North Pole Freezes (With Video)

So here is time lapse video of the North Pole freezing. NASA’s Goddard Space Center has released a fascinating time lapse video of Earth’s North Pole turning into a popsicle from orbit. So much for global warming: Sea ice coverage over the Arctic Ocean oscillates over the course of a year, growing through winter and … [Read more…]

Netflix for iPhone

Netflix’s blog reveals that the are working on iPhone app to stream video to their mobile device: Steve Swasey, VP of Corporate Communications, here. Terrific response to our news today about Netflix on the iPad. For those of you asking whether Netflix will be on the iPhone and iPod Touch: We wouldn’t invite you to … [Read more…]


Mac Users who want an extra monitor can now turn their iPhone or iPad into an external multitouch monitor Looks like I will be out $4.99 soon as iDisplay can be used for instant messaging, Twitter, displaying weather and news gadgets or other tools. Pic it up here. (Opens iTunes)

Sprint Will Make Your iPhone 4G

U.S. wireless carrier Sprint has featured the iPhone and criticized the exclusive wireless provider of Apple’s handset, AT&T, in a new advertisement touting the ability to share its 4G network with a Wi-Fi hotspot. Posted to YouTube this week, the commercial, entitled “Make Your iPhone 4G,” features the Overdrive device from Sprint, which can allow an … [Read more…]