Missed Flight

So we missed our flight up north and while that sucks I believe it’s a good thing. A lot of our soldiers were not mentaly ready to go. Now they have the time to prepare. All in all nothing has been what I did not expect, well except it raining and being freakin cold in … [Read more…]

On The Other-side

I have been flying for the past 22 hours and still have an hour and a half togo. I sit here watching the sunrise on a foreign land. My nerves a running wild shaking my thoughts uncontrollably yet I think of you and your well being. I’ve never felt this way, never have I stared … [Read more…]

A Thought of Mine

I think about it everyday It plagues my mind with every passing hour. It’s there when I lay down to sleep and when I awake. will they remembers me? Did I leave an worth wild impression on them? if I succeed will they remember my name? DO I do this for the glory or do … [Read more…]

One Step Closer

Well I’ve finished Basic Training and I’m rather please. I should be able to update this more frequently now but don’t count on it. I’m one step closer to my goal. To My Friend (Sweet Thang), I thank you for the support you have given me. I will soon be seeing you again.

The End of A Chapter

So tommorrow I ship off to the military tommorrow and i’m getting nervous. So a whole chapter off my life is finished. i’ve gone from child to man, I have decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to my country. Although it’s sad to say that my country no longer exists. My country has been taken … [Read more…]

An Over Due Reply

So a good friend of mine gave me a letter that I still have today. Now take in mind that the only letter I’ve kept is from my mom that she gave me some years ago. The basics of the letter was an apology and a tone of gratefulness. The contents of this post is … [Read more…]

The Pursuit Takes It’s Toll

I give up, a man can only take so much. Can you tell me why you have to play these games? Why do you play interested when it suits you best and I’m left hanging when it doesn’t? Can you explain your actions? That’s what i thought, you can’t. I believe it’s just a game … [Read more…]

Failure or Succes

I often walk around with some glazed look upon my face, never know if I’m supposed to be accepting success or failure. There are times when I think failure is best, because it is the only thing I can really understand. Success is a miraculous mystery to all of us.